Architects/ Building Officials

Architects/ Building Officials

In this section of our website we have conveniently assembled all pertinent information to make GreenFiber products and assemblies easy for you to incorporate in your multi-family and single family designs. You’ll find our products are made to the highest quality standards.

Greenfiber Sound Control


GreenFiber’s Cellulose high density insulation products easily fill in around gaps and voids.

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Thermal Performance


For years, GreenFiber’s cellulose insulation products have been the industry leaders.

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Greenfiber Fire Safety

Despite the complexity of attaining fire safety in construction, one proven fact stands out:

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Greenfiber Leed / Sustainability

GreenFiber’s recycled content and, locally sourced materials help building structures attain high energy efficiency.

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Architects/ Building Officials Resources

2012 AEC Daily Cont Ed Logo


CSI 3 Part Spec (PDF) CIS 3 Part Spec (DOC)


Fact Sheet INS735 All Borate Stabilized 30 lbs