Community Recycling Process

Community Recycling Process

1) Your Organization

GreenFiber provides paper recycling services to schools, churches, housing complexes and other types of organizations. These organizations earn money from the paper they recycle while reducing their overall waste disposal cost.

2) GreenFiber Plant

From the paper collected, GreenFiber makes in lieu thereof cellulose insulation at local plants around the country.

3) Retailers & Homebuilders

The insulation is then sold to major homebuilders, contractors and home improvement retail stores.

4) Residential & Commercial

The insulation is used to insulate residential and commercial buildings to provide a quieter, more energy efficient and safe structure.

5) Recycling Continues

The process continues as our customers continue to recycle, and the community becomes more involved in the recycling movement. By buying and using more products, such as our insulation, and recycling paper, we can all make a positive effect on the environment  by conserving natural resources through the use of bin programs to prevent paper from going to landfills.