Our mission to be an environmentally conscious company

Our mission to be an environmentally conscious company

GreenFiber’s sustainability mission is the quest to leave the world better than we found it by conserving natural resources, fostering healthy work environments and communities, and create economic growth.
Today, there is a growing public concern for reducing damage to our environment and dependence on fossil fuels. GreenFiber responds to this concern by offering consumers an insulation choice– a recycle fiber insulation product endowed with multiple environmental benefits. By using recycled materials from local sources, low-energy manufacturing, and short-haul transportation, GreenFiber offers an environmentally responsible choice for homeowners and builders. GreenFiber recycle fiber Insulation consists of 85% recycled paper fiber specially treated for flame resistance with borates that are non-corrosive and safe. This cellulose insulation provides outstanding resistance to heat flow for thermal applications, noise suppression for acoustical treatments, and added fire resistance in walls, attics, ceilings and floors of residential and light commercial construction.
GreenFiber Recycle Fiber Insulation:

  • Consists of 85% recycled post-consumer and post-industrial fiber
  • Contains no fiberglass, formaldehyde or mineral wool
  • Is manufactured with locally-available materials in an energy-on-demand production process
  • Is shipped to customers in a 276 mile average radius of our manufacturing facilities
  • Is installed in a process that reclaims excess material
  • Performs under extreme temperatures when you need insulation the most

GreenFiber promotes recycling through our Community Paper Recycling Program. This program helps schools, churches, neighborhoods and businesses reduce waste disposal costs and divert paper from landfills.

“The Quest” Quarterly Newsletter

The Quest is GreenFiber’s newsletter to share news and perspectives about GreenFiber’s sustainability initiatives and activities, including the contributions and successes of our employees across our family of plants. We hope to spark discussion about sustainability topics and encourage everyone to embrace sustainability in their own lives and work. We welcome not only your suggestions and questions but also your active participation in the quest.
Gary Wiegmann , CEO

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