Shared Values

Shared Values

We continuously strive to be the company people naturally want to work for – and do business with.

Customer Focus

  • Strives for consistent, mutually beneficial, long-term customer relationships.
  • Provides value-added support to both internal and external customers’ operations.
  • Actively listens; seeks to understand, and responds to customer needs as a personal priority.
  • Demonstrates thorough knowledge of company products, services, technology and market needs.
  • Provides an unyielding commitment to unparalleled customer service.
  • Delivers quality products consistently and on time.

Integrity & Leadership

  • Exhibits the highest level of professional and personal ethical conduct.
  • Works to constantly improve as a person and a leader.
  • Helps build other team members through training, coaching and opportunities for experience.
  • Builds organizational capability through people, technology and process management.
  • Meets all challenges with fairness, consistency, and flexibility.
  • Displays leadership and decisiveness.
  • Encourages dialogue through clear, open, consistent, and honest communication.
  • Takes responsibility for personal and organizational performance.
  • Complies with all laws and regulations.
  • Raises the awareness of GreenFiber’s values in the context of everyday business decisions.
  • Responds to all communication in a timely manner


Respect & Loyalty

  • Supports all team members and shared business goals.
  • Treats people with dignity, compassion, fairness, and sensitivity.
  • Provides training and feedback to enable team members to succeed.
  • Recognizes people for their contributions.
  • Remains committed to all partnerships through good and bad times.
  • Ensures a safe and clean working environment for all.


Creativity & Productivity

  • Constantly evolving; promoting growth through change.
  • Creates a climate that encourages new ideas, fun, and job enrichment.
  • Leverages technology to improve products, processes and productivity.
  • Promotes opportunities to improve cost effectiveness and business performance.
  • Builds value through products, services, and operations that will create financial growth, foster healthy communities, and protect natural systems.
  • Encourages entrepreneurship without fear of failure.

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