For professional contractors’ wet spray attic applications.

INS745 All Borate-Treated Stabilized Spray-In Insulation

Stabilized, low-density, all-borate formula is designed to maximize coverage for wet spray attic applications. This formula is also specially treated for harsh climates. It can also be used in other wet-spray applications such as walls and floors. However, INS735 may help achieve higher densities. NOTE: A special machine is needed for application.
  • Bag Size: 30 lb
  • R-Value: R-13 to R-60
  • Coverage: 60.1 sq ft / bag at R-19
Image of INS745 All Borate-Treated Stabilized Spray-In Insulation

Technical Documents

  • INS745 Attic Card 951.43 KB | PDF
  • SDS - Stabilized Borate Formula 1.8 MB | PDF
  • Greenfiber Insulation Guide - Planning & Instructions 377.96 KB | PDF
  • The Greenfiber Advantage in New Home Construction 150.34 KB | PDF
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty 151.57 KB | PDF
  • Mold & Moisture 65.74 KB | PDF