Reduce product settling and application time.

INS500 Stabilized Attic Spray Insulation

A blended formula stabilized product, the INS500 is installed in attics with a fine water mist which activates a starch adhesive. This is an application preferred by many new construction installers because of desirable effects of requiring fewer bags to complete projects, as well as reducing product settling and decreasing application time.
  • Bag Size: 30 lbs.
  • R-Value: R13 to R60
  • Coverage: 56 sq. ft. at R19
Image of INS500 Stabilized Attic Spray Insulation

Technical Documents

  • SDS - Stabilized Blended Formula 2.6 MB | PDF Download
  • Greenfiber Homeowner Guide - Planning & Instructions 3.2 MB | PDF Download
  • SANCTUARY Advantages In New Home Construction 1.68 MB | PDF Download
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty 178.5 KB | PDF Download