GreenFiber Fire Safety


GreenFiber Fire Safety

Despite the complexity of attaining fire safety in construction, one proven fact stands out: In test fire conditions, structures insulated with GreenFiber Cellulose Insulation can take up to 57% longer to burn down than homes using light density fiberglass insulation, the current industry practice. This performance characteristic is also demonstrated in the growing list of GreenFiber proprietary Fire-Resistance Rated assemblies, including the U-370 and U377 wall and the new UL M512 truss joist floor and L582 truss chord assemblies.


GreenFiber’s latest Fire-Resistance Rated Assembly, this truss joist floor assembly achieved an unrestrained 1 hour rating using the company’s INS735 All Borate Cellulose Insulation. More testing is planned for the future, so check back to keep up with new developments. This floor also has excellent STC and IIC ratings (See the Superior Sound Control document).


The Cellulose Industry standard 2 hour separation wall, utilizing GreenFiber’s FRM product.LEARN MORE


A truss chord floor similar to M512, with a 1 hour fire-resistance rating.LEARN MORE
PM-6.3-03 Rev F Fire Resistance 07-13(1)

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