Step Four – Install

Step Four - Install

GreenFiber Insulation installs easily over any existing insulation, filling gaps and voids. To achieve the desired R-value it is important to install the correct thickness of GreenFiber Insulation. Be sure to keep GreenFiber Insulation from filling soffits. Use a soffit vent baffle as shown below




To help avoid fire: Keep insulation at least three inches away from the sides of recessed light fixtures. Do not place insulation over such fixtures so as to trap heat unless they are type IC rated for contact with insulation. Also keep insulation away from exhaust flues of furnaces, water heaters, space heaters or other heat-producing devices. To be sure that insulation is kept away from light fixtures and flues, use a barrier to permanently maintain clearance around these areas. Check with local building or fire officials for guidance on installation and barrier requirements. (US Federal Regulation 16 CFR Part 1404.4).