Case Study / 04.05.17 Eliminating the guess work of passing the latest Building Codes

Today, national, regional and local builders, as well as installers, are faced with challenges to build homes which not only meet the new energy codes but also create a product which separates them from their competitors.

As these new energy codes have evolved over the years, Monte Hewett Homes, a regional builder in the Atlanta Metro market, needed a solution to help them continue their tradition of building high quality energy-efficient homes. Monte Hewett has been a leader in the use of advanced framing techniques, smart home technology and renewable materials in an effort to keep home construction affordable and provide a superior home for the buyer.

While increasing standards are forcing the industry to build a more energy efficient home, few advancements have been made in insulation technology or methods over the past 10 years. Legacy products continue to be used in support of the new test code standards which has created a new set of challenges for the Builders and Installers still using them as their primary insulation method.

With the launch of Custom Comfort Solutions from Greenfiber and SES Spray Polyurethane Systems, Monte Hewett, Installers, other Builders and architects have new options to deliver a better performing, more consistent home.

The Approach

In the highly competitive Atlanta housing market, Monte Hewett was looking for a solution to improve their Air Changes per Hour (ACH) and HERS ratings to meet and hopefully exceed the new energy standards. Not only did they need a solution which could meet standards set today, they were looking for a partner who could deliver a solution which outperforms the upcoming changing building codes and provides consistency in performance and installation for each home built. As Building codes have become more stringent recently, it became obvious that legacy insulation methods and processes were not consistent enough to get the required performance to ensure the home would pass every time. Monte Hewett has identified that consistency is key to passing code every time and a solution which uses the right product in the application is key to achieving the needed performance and quality to pass code every time. “With the type of products we offer our customers, delivering a solution which meets our customers’ expectations of performance is our priority, said Aaron Sibly, VP Construction and 22 year veteran of Monte Hewett Homes. “We knew that the legacy products and solutions available were not going to meet our requirements and would not ultimately give our customers the long-term performance and comfort they expect from a Monte Hewett home.”

While many of Builders today focus on home energy, Builders and installers who focus on a system approach to home performance beyond just energy consumption have not only a differentiated competitive advantage in the market today but are also able to reduce their total cost of installation. Builders are looking to create a home experience that is unique to their buyers without significant reengineering, construction delays or design work for every home they construct. “For today’s Builders to be a leader in the market, they are looking for a superior system with highest level of performance and flexibility to pass the new stringent energy standards every time. They not only demand the performance, but need to deliver every home with great energy performance, lower utility bills and superior comfort,” said Sim Skinner CEO of US Greenfiber.

Custom Comfort Solutions delivers the performance and flexibility demanded in today’s home, and gives the Builder a solution which has consistent installation to pass the new standards on every home they build. By using technologies in the applications for which they are best suited and delivering Builders and Installers a new level of partnership, Custom Comfort Solutions is the premier choice to meet the needs of today and for the future.

The Result

Custom Comfort Solutions is designed to meet the most stringent performance standards today and consistently deliver a better performing home vs legacy systems and methods which may require added trips, rework or expense to

pass the new standards. With legacy systems, inconsistencies in installations can cause homes to fail to meet the building standards while builders and installers who have used Custom Comfort Solutions have seen a dramatic improvement in their ability to pass code the first time eliminating costly modifications and delays.

“Working with the team at US Greenfiber and SES Spray Foam, we now have a partner and solution which replaces our legacy approach on how we provide high performing systems to our customers,” said Shan Mize, Operations Manager of SEI Group. “Using Custom Comfort Solutions not only has significantly reduced the unnecessary complexity and guesswork in passing the new energy standards when the home is completed, but has ensured that each home is completed on time and within budget for our Builders.” Working with the technical teams at Greenfiber and SES Spray Solutions, Monte Hewett Homes and SEI Group had access to new tools to help them design a better home with superior performance, sound and quality with a US Greenfiber and SES Spray Solutions help Monte Hewett Homes eliminate the guess work of passing the latest Building Codes repeatable process. For the professional installers such as SEI Group, a system which can deliver the performance and consistency between installations is key to success. “With legacy systems, we may have to visit the home two or three times extra to ensure it passes the standards which has driven up our costs and added unnecessary delays to the project.” said Shan Mize, Operations Manager of SEI Group.

An additional advantage of Custom Comfort Solutions is the flexibility to optimize to each home design and climate zone. Custom Comfort Solutions is designed specifically to adopt to nearly every home type, climate zone and code requirement with ease as it uses the best technology in each area of the home to achieve the greatest benefits. In addition, Custom Comfort Solutions can reduce the need for larger, more complex HVAC systems which unnecessarily drive the cost of the home up with little benefit to the owner.

Custom Comfort Solutions Details

Built using the market leading US Greenfiber Cellulose and patented SES Spray Solutions, SucraSeal, Custom Comfort Solutions quickly and easily adopts to the needs of the Builder and installers by using high quality materials and technology to achieve the maximum in place performance. 

US Greenfiber Cellulose is the market leader in spray applied fiber cellulose insulation which provides superior insulating value and sound control. Greenfiber offers a portfolio of quality products that provide outstanding resistance to heat flow for superior thermal performance, exceptional noise control and unmatched fire resistance for residential and commercial construction. This insulation is made with a minimum of 85% recycled paper fibers
that are specifically treated for flame resistance, and uses low-energy manufacturing and short-haul transportation to offer an earth-conscious choice for professional builders and architects. Whether you need dry blow-in insulation that’s perfect for attics, or stabilized spray-in formulas for walls, ceilings or floors, you can count on Greenfiber to provide homeowners with comfort and peace of mind for the life of the home. 

SES is focused on innovating safe, sustainable building insulation solutions with minimal impact to the environment. SES SucraSeal open cell spray foam is ENERGY STAR® certified, was the first spray foam to be USDA BioPreferred, and broke new ground by passing the Appendix X Fire Test uncoated. Nexseal™ 2.0 closed cell foam introduced an important shift in the industry towards a new level of environmental responsibility by including Honeywell’s Solstice Liquid Blowing Agent, which has a global warming potential (GWP) of 1, more than two orders of magnitude (99.9%) lower than current HFCs used in this industry.