Insulation can do much more than regulate temperature. With Greenfiber®, now you can offer your clients and customers Sanctuary® Homes.

We’re excited to offer you a new way to elevate your customers’ home experience, to differentiate yourself from the competition and to build homes that promote happiness and well-being: Sanctuary Homes by Greenfiber.


  • Managing Sound and Improving Privacy

    Sanctuary by Greenfiber offers market-leading sound insulation products that can reduce sound power by 60%¹ and are perfect for ensuring every room in the home remains peaceful and quiet.

  • Making More Comfortable Homes

    By installing our cellulose insulation by either dense-pack or spray application, you’ll be building a home with more consistent temperatures from room to room and floor to floor.

  • Providing Peace of Mind

    Sanctuary qualifies as a fire-blocking material, and in a large-scale fire test, it lasted 68 minutes – 60% longer than fiberglass batts.²

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Whether for LEED, the National Green Building Standard or other types of guidelines and standards, our products have a broad set of characteristics to assist in meeting the demand for higher-performing insulating products and assemblies. When applied properly, Greenfiber’s fiber insulation products will contribute materially toward earning points in a LEED certification for LEED Green Building Design and Construction Rating System (BD + C) and LEED for Homes Rating System. Follow this link to read a detailed report about Greenfiber insulation products and LEED projects and a case study of Greenfiber insulation in a LEED Gold Certified Building. Or click below if you’d like to review Greenfiber’s insulation contribution points.

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UL Certifications

Product Designation Applicable Fire-Resistive Design(s)
FRM (Fire-Rated Material) U370, U377
SANCTUARY, INS735, INS 745, INS770LD G524, L521, L528, L546, L576, L582, M509, M512, P522, U023, U032, U036, U040, U053, U305, U309, U311, U317, U321, U326, U330, U331, U333, U338, U339, U340, U341, U342, U344, U354, U355, U356, U398, U403, U411, U412, U420, U425, U426, U428, U429, U434, U435, U436, U438, U440, U460, U462, U463, U465, U466, U467, U469, U470, U471, U477, U478, U495, U498, U499, U528, U622, U646, U647, U648, U651, V302, V303, V401, V410, V414, V416, V421, V455, V472, V481, V493, V495, W405, W419
INS510LD P522, U032, U036, U305, U309, U311, U317, U321, U326, U330, U331, U333, U338, U339, U340, U341, U342, U344, U354, U355, U356, U398, U528, V302, V303

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