An insulation for extreme environments.

INS765LD All Borate-Treated Blow-In Insulation

All of this formula is treated with boric acid, which is perfect for climates that are extremely hot, cold, or humid. It’s ideal for any blow-in installations like attics and can also be dry blown into walls and floors if desired. The 30 lb. bag is ideal for professional contractors.

  • Bag Size: 30 lb
  • R-Value: R-13 to R-60
  • Coverage: 59.6 sq ft at R-19
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Product Features

Contractor grade 30 lbs. bag of All Borate insulation is ideal for professional contractors that offer blow-in attic, sidewall and floor applications. Greenfiber cellulose insulation creates a seamless thermal blanket that reduces noise and works to keep indoor temperatures warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Fire resistant treated insulation is made with up to 85% recycled material that meets Class 1 Fire Rating to protect your home.

  • All borate contractor grade insulation is ideal for attic, floor and sidewall installations
  • Covers 60 sq. ft. per 30 lbs. bag at R-19 to reduce job site time
  • Fills gaps and voids to create an energy-saving thermal blanket
  • Dense pack application in attics and slide walls blocks outside noise
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • Energy Star

Technical Documents

  • INS765LD Attic Card 472.91 KB | PDF Download
  • SDS - SANCTUARY Stabilized Borate Formula 2.15 MB | PDF Download
  • Retrofit Your Home with Greenfiber Insulation 519.95 KB | PDF Download
  • Greenfiber Homeowner Guide - Planning & Instructions 3.2 MB | PDF Download
  • SANCTUARY Advantages In New Home Construction 1.77 MB | PDF Download
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty 178.5 KB | PDF Download