Sometimes you need more protection

FRM 100 Insulation and U370 Firewall Design

Ideal for townhome and multi-family construction, our FRM 100 insulation when used in combination with our proprietary U370 firewall design offers unparalleled fire resistance, achieving a 2-Hour Fire Resistance Rating*. In addition, the combination offers exceptional thermal performance and superior sound control.

  • Bag Size: 30 lbs.
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Product Features

Rated by Underwriters Laboratory, our U370 firewall design uses Greenfiber FRM100 insulation for a defect-free installation. Two opposing and offset studded walls create an 8” cavity into which FRM 100 is spray applied. The entire cavity is filled and there are no air gaps in the assembly. The result is unparalleled fire resistance, achieving a 2-Hour Fire Resistance Rating*; exceptional thermal performance of R-30; and superior sound control of STC 56 or greater. 

*Evaluation Services Report 2016 

  • Premium, professional-grade insulation with proprietary U370 firewall construction ideal for townhome, multifamily construction or any environment where exceptional fire resistance, sound control and thermal performance is desired
  • Cellulose insulation has an R-value per inch up to 3.8 making an 8” wall R-30
  • FRM provides for faster construction cycle resulting in significant time and money savings

Technical Documents

  • Limited Lifetime Warranty 151.57 KB | PDF Download
  • Fire Rated Material - FRM 556.27 KB | PDF Download
  • SDS - Fire Rated Material (FRM) 688.43 KB | PDF Download
  • Fire and Sound Brochure 1.49 MB | PDF Download